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Lets face it, being Pro Se for most parties is not by choice, but of economic necessity. Make no mistake and leave no doubt, if you are Pro Se, you are a second class citizen in our Courts.

If you doubt that, as a litigant, sit down in the area reserved for “litigants” in front of a courtroom. It won’t be long before a bailiff asks you if you’re an attorney. When you say no, you will be directed to the “back of the bus”.

Our Pro Se section is to provide real stories, about real Court Cases, about real Pro Se Litigants. We will give you examples of various pleadings filed by Pro Se Litigants and show you examples of the tactics they used.

For example, most Judges hate a Pro Se Litigant to publish their stories or their “Public Court Documents” on the Internet. Yet they giggle like school girls when they see their Bar Association “brothers” and “sisters“ on a morning talk show selling their affluent clients’ position, dreaming of those big fees to come.

The widest economic divide in our nation is the one in our Court Rooms. It is classest, elitist and designed no longer for justice, but to ensure the proliferation of attorneys and their affluent lifestyles.

Don't get your case swept out the back door, be sure to build up public interest in your case just like the high priced Attorney's do for their clients. (It was so tempting to say "high priced mouthpieces"). Always be factual but remember, you should speak out publicly when a Judge abuses their power and violates your civil rights.

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